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Testimonials 77

Love my skin transformation from brown patchy to glowing, almost flawless- Thank you Dr. Jang for recommending ZO Skin Products and your honest advice. Finally, I can ditch the makeup and go out with just a tinted SPF!

-Blanche MacDonald Instructor


Testimonials 76

I see significant improvements on my skin. The staff are really nice and professional. I would recommend Skinworks to anyone who has been struggling with bad skin conditions like I did.



Testimonials 75

I was at a party with people that I only see once or twice a year and have never received so many compliments. "You look great!" "You look good and happy" etc.



Testimonials 74

The experience at Skinworks begins in the waiting room. It was very calm and soothing. My treatment was much easier as I was calmed down before the treatment. All my nervousness was removed when I walked in the door. Staff were great and attentive.



Testimonials 73

From the website to the consultation, to the surgery and all the after care, Dr. Carr and his staff was first class all the way.  Completely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, cleanliness and all around presentation of clinic and staff.  I believe in "you get what you pay for", and with Skinworks you get the absolute best.
I have recommended Dr. Carr and Skinworks to many of my clients, family and friends.
Overall fantastic experience.  I will be back.
Thank you for everything.

A.M.G & R.C.


Testimonials 72

I first had treatment by Dr. Jang but it's a long drive from the states.  I decided to get treatment closer to home.  What a mistake!  Dr. Jang knows what she's doing.  It's my face and I trust her 100%.  Hands down, she's the BEST!



Testimonials 71

I came in expecting a touch up and was absolutely speechless when I saw the final results of my procedures. I didn't think I could look this fresh, youthful, and pretty! Thank you so much Dr. Jang! :)



Testimonials 70

What a pleasant surprise. The C+B paired with the PRP worked wonders. The day after the treatment, my skin looked fabulous and fresh and I can't wait to see the end results.



Testimonials 69

My experience at Skinworks was great! Dr. Jang was personable and detailed with my treatment. I found the suggested treatments and the follow through had excellent results. I would recommend Skinworks, Dr. Jang, and her team for complete anti-aging treatments as my skin looks 15 years younger.



Testimonials 68

My skin was horrible. I've been suffering for years with acne and scarring. But since going to Dr. Jang she has saved my skin and helped it improve drastically. In addition, the service and results at Skinworks are AWESOME! They make miracles happen.



Testimonials 67

Dr. Jang did a great job with Botox. She really knows what she is doing and I feel very safe with her. I am looking forward to doing my lips with her in the future. She really understands what women need.



Testimonials 66

I look forward to every visit at Skinworks. If you want a doctor who cares about your health and having your skin look beautiful and radiant, then trust Dr. Jang completely. Dr. Jang is one of Canada's top rated cosmetic dermatologists. Dr. Jang is absolutely a skin genius and skin wizard!



Testimonials 65

I so highly recommend Dr. Jang for any skincare help or cosmetic procedure to be done. The skincare line recommended by Dr. Jang and her staff keeps my skin absolutely stunning. I am 55 years of age and look 45 years of age.



Testimonials 64

Have been going for over 10 years. The staff are all very professional, helpful and kind. Dr. Jang gives excellent advice and results. Love Skinworks!



Testimonials 63

I have been a patient of Dr. Jang since the mid-nineties. Her knowledge and expertise in her field is impressive and reassuring. Her integrity is unquestionable, and has been demonstrated to me consistently over the years. Her interest in her subject and me as her patient is clearly evident and she always treats me with kindness and respect. I feel that I am working in a partnership with Dr. Jang to achieve excellent results.



Testimonials 62

I have been a patient of Dr. Jang's for over 15 years. I have had regular IPL treatments and I'm extremely happy with the results. People are always commenting on what beautiful skin I have now. I am thrilled with the professionalism and service that I receive at Dr. Jang's office.



Testimonials 61

I have been seeing Dr. Jang for many years. She and her staff are friendly and professional. Most of my visits are with Dr. Jang and Lisa both of whom I trust completely in their judgement and skillfulness. They are honest. They tell you the truth, including if they don't think you need something done.



Testimonials 60

I am thrilled with the results that I have had from Dr. Jang's treatment, and her staff is always courteous and helpful. Dr. Jang is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her completely. I have recommended the Clinic to several friends who have subsequently received treatment there and were also very pleased. No hesitation to recommend.



Testimonials 59

Dr. Jang has an amazing reputation in British Columbia. If you are in need of Skin and Beauty treatments - she is the top in her class. I would personally send you to her because she has great experience using modern technology and products to make you look and feel better. Thanks Dr. Jang!



Testimonials 58

I am an actress and split my time between Los Angeles and Vancouver and heard Dr. Jang was amazing, so I made an appointment while I was working in Vancouver. She really takes the time to do it properly and truly cares about how you feel. I will continue to make the trip up to Vancouver to see her. Well worth it. Highly recommend!



Testimonials 57

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Jang and her team of supporting clinicians. I have seen Dr. Jang for many procedures - Fraxel, IPL, global fill, botox, lip injections, etc., and I have never been ANYTHING but incredibly happy with the results. Dr. Jang is an artist when it comes to using a needle, be it for botox or for facial fillers. I am 54 and people often guess my age at 38 - 40.



Testimonials 56

Subtle and worth every penny!



Testimonials 55

How can I thank Dr. Jang and her fantastic staff for changing my life? I now look younger and more beautiful. Having two marriage proposals recently was incredible. Most people believe I am ten years younger or more than my actual age!



Testimonials 54

You've been amazing & super patient with me...totally appreciate all of it.



Testimonials 53

I am so grateful to you for your warmth, your kindness, your tender nurturing care that is palpable every interaction I've been so fortunate to have with you. Thank you!



Testimonials 52

I must say I'm so impressed with the treatment received yesterday from everyone! Dr. Carr was generous with his time, believe more detail artistry was performed than was discussed, exceeded expectations, very the new look!



Testimonials 51

Dear Dr. Carr and Staff, With our sincere thanks for all your extra patience and help. We don't have enough great things to say about each and every one of you. Thank you!



Testimonials 50

Skinworks Team is wonderful. Their attitude and professionalism impressed me. I had the opportunity to pass positive feedback about your business and good customer service which is the lifeblood of any business. I almost turned into "evangelist" for your business!



Testimonials 49

Thank you so much for the awesome staff and all your help! Dr. Carr did an amazing job, I could not ask for anything better! This surgery changed my life and I am truly grateful for everything and so so happy with the outcome!! ☺



Testimonials 48

After extensively researching I found Dr. Carr and felt 100% comfortable with his knowledge and experience. He reassured me that he would make me happy and my gut feeling totally trusted him. The surgery itself went by very well and recovery was a breeze. My girlfriend is thinking of getting rhinoplasty and after seeing my nose, has decided to also go with Dr. Carr. I would recommend this doctor in a heartbeat, and will be forever grateful for the amazing job he did.



Testimonials 47

Dr. Carr did an abdominoplasty and breast lift/augmentation for me in December and I couldn't be happier. I will have no hesitation getting additional surgeries from him and have complete confidence in his surgical abilities and aesthetic sense.



Testimonials 46

I am extremely happy with the results of my recent abdominoplasty. Dr. Carr reshaped my abdomen, sides and back. I dropped a full dress size. My pre and post op experience with Dr. Carr and his entire office and surgical staff was very positive. Dr. Carr met with me twice before I booked the surgery to answer my questions and those of my family doctor. His post-op nurse met with me 6 times for scar management. I felt very well-cared for throughout the process.



Testimonials 45

Great experience from start to finish - I would definitely recommend Dr. Carr to friends/family. Thank you!



Testimonials 44

Great doctor and nice staff - who are beautiful! I had a great experience. Thank you!



Testimonials 43

Overall an exceptional experience and I have referred Skinworks/Dr. Carr to several of my friends.



Testimonials 42

Many thanks to the team at Skinworks! I couldn't be happier. The professionalism, your expertise, and the outcome exceeded all expectations.



Testimonials 41

I love Skinworks and you were all fabulous. If I could I'd visit you everyday. Thank you for the first survey and I look forward to others. Exceptional, professional, truthful about possible outcomes. No sales job...couldn't have been better. Changed my life.



Testimonials 40

Everything from the beginning of the process to the end was first-class. I only have extremely positive things to say. Dr. Carr, you are amazing and truly a lovely caring person. PS I loved receiving flowers on my way out. A very lovely touch. I really appreciated that token. It's all about the little things. ☺



Testimonials 39

My overall experience was fantastic! Thank you. I have recommended Skinworks to many of my friends and they all say Dr. Carr did a fantastic job. I love them.



Testimonials 38

I am very happy with the outcome and everyone was caring and helpful. Glad I came to Dr. Carr. Have already recommended to 2 other ladies at Weight Watchers. Thank you so much.



Testimonials 37

I had a breast lift with implants by Dr. Carr two years ago. The surgery went extremely well and the staff are amazing. My scars are faint and I have a beautiful result. I would highly recommend Dr. Carr to anyone I know. I am confident in his ability and I am extremely happy with how I was treated by him and his staff before and after the surgery. My patient care after my surgery was unbeatable. Dr. Carr addressed all of my questions and concerns. In my eyes he really is the best plastic surgeon in the city.



Testimonials 36

Comfortable, confident in results as I have been to Lisa before. Never feel pushed or embarassed. Professional, friendly environment.



Testimonials 35

I have been a patient at Skinworks for over 8 years for treatment of acne scars. I am in the medical field and have done a lot of research with various dermatologists, and I must say that Dr. Jang is one of the most knowledgeable clinicians in the field. The clinic has state of the art equipment and the staff clinicians are all well-trained. There has been significant improvement in my scars compared to 8 years ago and this has greatly increased my confidence and my faith in ongoing treatment with Dr. Jang. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking the most advanced treatment and honest, unbiased advice.



Testimonials 34

Dear Shelley, Thank you for taking such good care of me as always, I really appreciate it.



Testimonials 33

Through the process of consultation and careful consideration of my particular issues, Skinworks has been able to get my skin to a place that gives me comfort and confidence. A long journey, but worthwhile.



Testimonials 32

Dr. Carr is excellent. Had rhinoplasty with him and his judgement was excellent. My nose looks natural. His staff is excellent and his operating room is spotless and you actually feel at ease when you are waiting to be put under. I would definitely see him again!



Testimonials 31

Had the most positive experience with Dr. Carr and his staff. He was always punctual and very knowledgeable and receptive to my concerns and questions. I am so incredibly happy with the surgery and results! Highly recommended.



Testimonials 30

Had an abdominoplasty with Dr. Carr 1 year ago and am very happy with the results. He was easy to talk to and very professional. Post surgical care was amazing in terms of pain management and follow up care. The surgery was amazingly easy to go through. I was thrilled then and still am.



Testimonials 29

I had a rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Carr three months ago, it has been a life changing experience, the results are amazing. I have told all my friends and family about Dr.Carr and his amazing team, anybody who is thinking about having cosmetic surgery should go and see him, he is caring, personable and highly skilled, the staff are fantastic, they make me feel so well taken care of, I always feel like the most important person when I walk through their doors. I am truly thrilled with my results and positive experience at Skinworks.



Testimonials 28

I had a tummy tuck and breast aug back in November by Dr. Carr and he's amazing. I love how I look and got so many compliments. The staff there is very professional and were able to answer all the questions I had. I was so scared in the beginning but after meeting Dr. Carr, I was confident in moving forward with the surgery. I'm planning to have more work done by him!



Testimonials 27

My husband and I both had eye lid surgery done with Dr. Carr and I am so impressed with the outcome. It took 5 years for me to make a decision and finally decided to go with Dr. Carr. I went in for a consult and felt very comfortable by the staff and himself, I booked a surgery that day. They were very efficient and professional. I already referred a few girlfriends to go there and they've all had a wonderful experience!



Testimonials 26

I had an Asian eyelid surgery with Dr. Carr almost 1 year ago. Before selecting Dr. Carr as my surgeon I did a lot of research on the procedure and local plastic surgeons. The time invested paid off because my results are amazing and I couldn't be more pleased with care I was given. Dr. Carr is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and honest. His staff was a great support system for me through this whole process from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Dr. Carr and his team.



Testimonials 25

My girl friend is thinking of getting rhinoplasty and after seeing my nose, has decided to also go with Dr. Carr. I would recommend this doctor in a heart beat, and will be forever grateful for the amazing job he did.



Testimonials 24

Dr. Carr along with his patient coordinator Tammy, and the rest of his staff are phenomenal. I have been there twice a few years apart and had amazing results and experiences both times. I would never trust my body to anyone else in Vancouver or BC for that matter. Very knowledgeable and experienced, professional staff that are very helpful and prompt at responding to my many emails and questions! I cannot recommend Dr. Carr and his team enough, truly a great experience as always.



Testimonials 23

Dear Dr. Jang, Dr. Carr, and the entire Skinworks Team, Just to say thanks for everyone associated with Skinworks, especially for your consistent effort to go out of your way to make a difference. Sometimes this just has to be acknowledged.



Testimonials 22

The one thing I can say, is your office has the best client service I’ve experienced anywhere in Vancouver.



Testimonials 21

Tammy, Thank you so much for everything. You’ve made my journey through all this so much easier.



Testimonials 20

Dear Elaine and Tammy, I wanted to thank you all for your expertise and assistance as well as your support. You have all been very kind and helpful. This has been a great experience for me. Thank you all so much.



Testimonials 19

Had a pair of sweaty palms and this had bothered me for years. After the Botox treatment from Dr. Jang my palms are now dry and warm. I had regained my confidence! Thank you Dr. Jang and I sincerely recommend people with hyperhydrosis to have this magical treatment.



Testimonials 18

Dear Tammy, Thank you for taking good care of me and your professionalism.



Testimonials 17

Dr. Carr and Staff, Thank you so much Dr. Carr for the wonderful surgery you performed. I am still in awe on how great they look. Also many thanks to your staff for always being so helpful, that is why my surgery went so smoothly!



Testimonials 16

Dr. Carr, we would like to thank you for doing such an excellent job and also for all that you have done for me. We are so pleased with the results. We are also glad that we had chosen you for a surgeon. We especially appreciated your honesty, gentleness and excellent bedside manner. You are the best!



Testimonials 15

My daughter heard about Botox cosmetic being done at Dr. Jang's Clinic with great results. I called and the staff was very informative and friendly. I felt comfortable right away and made an appointment to see Dr. Jang. I saw Dr. Jang two days later and was impressed with her knowledge and for the excellent service I received from Dr. Jang and her staff. I am very pleased to have done the treatment. It makes me feel younger looking. It has given me better self-esteem and it has influenced my relationships professionally and personally. It is a treatment I do not have problem to maintain at Dr. Jang’s clinic on a regular basis.



Testimonials 14

This is the best treatment I have had - people cannot tell that I have had anything done. I look 10 years younger and not so dragged out & tired looking. I am very happy I did this.



Testimonials 13

I visited Dr. Jang’s office for the first time a few years ago. She designed a plan to dramatically minimize redness and I am relieved to say that it worked! I no longer look sunburned and I rarely experience the flushing indicative of rosacea. Dr. Jang’s expertise with technology, gentle manner, and wonderful staff ensure that I will be a patient at her clinic for all of my skin care concerns for as long as she is in practice.



Testimonials 12

Everyone and the surgery exceeded my expectations!



Testimonials 11

Dr. Carr,

The front staff and recovery room staff is wonderful, surgical staff were fantastic as well. Definitely would come back again, keep up the fantastic work.



Testimonials 10

Dear Dr. Jang,

Thank you for helping me look as good as I felt through my pregnancy.



Testimonials 9

Dr. Carr, I wanted to write and thank you very much for helping me regain my confidence and happiness in myself. Your skills, your approach, your outstanding team, have all contributed to a positive outcome. Thank you very much



Testimonials 8

My new, softer, relaxed appearance is due to regular visits to Dr. Jang’s clinic for Botox injections. The staff is so friendly and helpful and I feel I am in capable hands with Dr. Jang and her recommended facial treatments for my age and skin type.



Testimonials 7

Dr. Carr, Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my nose.



Testimonials 6

I think I really have had an advantage in selecting Dr. Jang for my dermatology needs. There are so many clinics around now who offer cosmetic procedures but I would never entrust my care to anyone other than an experienced dermatologist. I want the assurance afforded me by having the best practitioner possible. I’ve had several different procedures done at Dr. Jang’s clinic and I’ll be seeing her again for any of my future needs. She and her staff are courteous, warm, reassuring, and understanding. In my opinion, Dr. Jang should be everyone’s choice for quality dermatology procedures.



Testimonials 5

As a patient of Dr. Carr and Dr. Jang, I know that I have received, and will continue to receive excellent care, because, simply put, excellence is their standard.



Testimonials 4

Dr. Carr, Your kindness touched my heart. Thank you. You’re Amazing!



Testimonials 3

Dr. Carr is an artist! My facelift looks completely natural – not tight. He listened to my concerns before surgery and the results are beautiful. I appreciated his patience during my consultation- I had endless questions and his staff were always supportive, enthusiastic and available.



Testimonials 2

Had melasma over most of my face, which left me feeling very self-conscious. The Fraxel treatment produced amazing results! I no longer need to wear makeup to cover my "splotches". And the added benefit of the Fraxel was that it made my face smooth and reduced the wrinkles.



Testimonials 1

Thank you thank you thank you! I love the mineral products you recommended. I'm determined to beat this acne but in the meantime this product definitely allows me to go out in public without feeling embarrassed. Many thanks!



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