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News and Notables (2010)

November/December 2010

• The Division of Plastic Surgery at UBC (of which Dr. Carr is the Head) hosted a table at the annual VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation fundraiser, "Night of a Thousand Stars Gala," which honoured the dedicated and highly skilled team of health care professionals and the many visionary donors behind them. Dr. Jang and Dr. Carr attended the event, which raised $300,000 towards the Best of Health Fund. The prestigious Leadership Award was presented to Joseph & Rosalie Segal for their outstanding philanthropy and $12 million donation towards mental health.

• Dr. Jang participated in workshop with Dr. Kent Remington (Calgary), Dr. Vince Bertucci (Toronto) and Dr. Arthur Swift (Montreal) discussing advanced techniques for facial sculpting with Restylane and Perlane dermal fillers.

• Dr. Jang was asked to review for the Skin Therapy Letter, a publication indexed by the US National Library of Medicine and PubMed. She was asked for her editorial comments on the addition of sunscreens to a wide variety of cosmetics including moisturizers, foundations, and eye creams.

September/October 2010

• Watch for Dr. Jang in the January 2011 issue of Canadian Health magazine in an article about how to change your skincare routine for winter.

• Did you see Dr. Carr's article about Abdominoplasty ("Tummy Tuck") in Fresh Vancouver magazine? He spoke about what the surgery entails, who is a good candidate, and commonly asked questions including when is the best time to have your surgery if you are planning further pregnancies. Also look for his article in the December issue called "The Men's Guide to Aging Prevention and Treatment." He discussed lifestyle changes to improve health and quality of life, as well as surgical and non-surgical treatment options for the aging male.

• Dr. Carr was interviewed by FLARE magazine as their plastic surgery expert for a beauty/health story about what can be done to stay "forever young." Dr. Carr discussed environmental and genetic factors related to aging, lifestyle changes, prevention, how to choose a qualified doctor, surgery options and aging through the decades. Look for it in the March 2011 issue!

• Dr. Jang attended the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery meeting in Chicago where she attended several panels and forums on emerging technologies in cosmetic dermatology. She also had a chance to reconnect with many of her colleagues from all across Canada and the US, and was excited to bring several novel ideas home to Skinworks.

August 2010

• Dr. Jang was featured on the front page of the Vancouver Sun Health section commenting on the new generation of non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as UltraShape, Liposonix and Zeltiq. Although these procedures do not replace proper diet, exercise or surgery, they are safe procedures for refining your figure. UltraShape is available at Skinworks.

• Best Health Magazine writer Janine Falcon interviewed Dr. Jang regarding what to do after an inappropriate microdermabrasion treatment. In a separate article, she discussed ingredients believed to help manage hyperpigmentation incurred through the summer.

• Dr. Jang and Dr. Carr held the annual Plastic Surgery Residents' Day on Anvil Island. Executive Chef for Diva at the Met, Dino Renaerts, cooked oysters for everyone in an outdoor Italian oven.

• Dr. Jang attended a workshop in which Dr. Shelley Pollock focused on the hyaluronic acid based dermal filler, Voluma, and its ability to re-volumize the backs of hands in addition to its traditional application areas on the face.

• FLARE magazine interviewed Dr. Jang for an article about Breast Health. She talked about breast firming creams, and discussed how the skin on the breasts is often the healthiest skin on the body because it is usually protected from the sun. She also recommended switching to a mild glycerin based soap as the skin on the breasts tends to be more sensitive than the face.

• Elevate magazine interviewed Dr. Jang for an article about what women in the beauty business do for their personal skincare routine.

July 2010

• Dr. Jang was on CBC evening news talking about sunscreen and how to protect your skin from the sun throughout the hot Vancouver summer.

• Rouge magazine featured Dr. Jang in an interview about the importance of exfoliation and how it can improve the skin's complexion. She provided tips for daily vs treatment exfoliators, chemical vs physical exfoliators, and which ingredients to look for.

• Dr. Jang was interviewed by Louise Gagnon from the scientific newspaper, The Chronicle of Skin and Allergy. She discussed the latest treatments in acne therapy including laser/light-based technologies. While Dr. Jang has a lot of experience in this area, she commented that these modalities are generally a tertiary type of treatment, and conventional multi-pronged approaches to acne clearing are still the mainstay of therapy for the vast majority of patients.

June 2010

• The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority honoured Dr. Jang and Dr. Carr for their 20 years of service in healthcare. They were each awarded a Long Service pin for their ongoing commitment to teaching and clinical care at Vancouver General Hospital.

• interviewed Dr. Jang about how to protect your skin from the sun. She discussed the differences between UVA & UVB rays, the visible and invisible effects of UV damage, what to look for when purchasing sunscreen and lifestyle changes to protect yourself from the sun's damaging effects.

• Dr. Jang was interviewed by Metro newspaper about skincare for different skin types, the use of antioxidant skin creams and exfoliants, sunscreen application tips, and how to protect your skin from environmental elements.

April 2010

• Did you see Dr. Carr in Business in Vancouver magazine? The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers donated $100,000 to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in support of the chair in the burn and wound healing research endowment. This generous gift helps doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals at Vancouver General Hospital improve treatment options and care to burn survivors across BC.

• Dr. Jang attended a meeting in Las Vegas which discussed the latest in cosmetic rejuvenation procedures and techniques.

• Did you read Dr. Jang's interview in Chatelaine Magazine's Summer Health and Beauty section? She discussed the importance of sunscreen, and answered FAQ's about skincare.

March 2010

• Dr. Jang talked with Tim McComb from CBC news about the emerging interest in males adopting nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and laser hair removal, and she performed a live Botox demonstration.

• Dr. Carr was featured on CBC news discussing the new "mesh" breast lift now available in Europe.

• Writer Karen von Hahn of FASHION magazine interviewed Dr. Jang about the aging effects of sun exposure. She recommended using a daily sunscreen of SPF 30+, and discussed the essentials for a proper skincare routine, including retinol, exfoliants and peptide growth factors.

January/February 2010

• Best Health magazine interviewed Dr. Jang about the treatment of stretch marks with the Fraxel laser, and spider vein treatment using either pulse-dye lasers (V-Beam) or micro-injections (sclerotherapy).

• Freelance writer Rhonda Riche interviewed Dr. Jang for two skincare stories in Rouge Magazine. One is regarding hair removal and the other is about bringing your skin care routine into the new decade.

• Dr. Jang was interviewed for a TV documentary that will air on CBC Television next year. The program, hosted by Bob McDonald, is about "miracle" products with scientific claims. She talks about Swiss skin care line, Cellcosmet, and how patients find it makes their skin look more radiant, hydrated and firmer.

• FLARE Magazine spoke with Dr. Jang regarding differences in skin aging among different skin types. She discussed skin care ingredients that should be avoided by certain skin types, as well as the most effective ingredients which are safe for everyone.

• Dr. Jang & Dr. Carr attended the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Hawaii.

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