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News and Notables (2009)

November/December 2009

• Dr. Jang instructed UBC dermatology residents on the use of Botox, including anatomy, dosing, indications and techniques.

• Edmonton dermatologist Dr. Don Groot visited Skinworks and shadowed Dr. Jang for a day on his tour of "Best Practices" across Canada.

• Did you see Dr. Jang on "Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bags?" She discussed how to avoid jet-lagged skin.

• As Head of the UBC Division of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Carr hosted visiting professor Dr. Allen, founder of The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction and the Group for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction. He lectured about "The Evolving Field of Septocutaneous Flaps for Breast Reconstruction." Dr. Carr also hosted The Sponsorship Donor Recognition dinner on Nov. 25, at which corporate sponsors and donors were recognized for their ongoing commitment to the Breast Fellowship Program since 2004. Members of the Division were also recognized for their contributions of time, effort and expertise.

• Dr. Carr traveled back to Harvard (where he completed his advanced fellowship training at the Mass General Hospital), to honour the retirement of the former Head of surgery, Dr. May. During his visit, Dr. Carr also gave a talk on his experience with silicone breast implants.

• MORE Magazine interviewed Dr. Jang about the latest anti-aging skin creams, including new stem cell technologies, DNA repair serums, and research into estrogen creams for menopausal skin.

• Dr. Jang joined Gloria Macarencko on the CBC Early Edition radio to give advice on cold weather protection for the skin. Her key tips were to use gentler cleansers, keep bathing limited in time and at lukewarm temperatures, seal in water using a moisturizer on towel-dried skin (paying particular attention to exposed skin and extremities), avoid wearing wool clothing directly on the skin, and always use broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen daily to help avoid the detrimental effects of ultraviolet rays.

• A segment for "Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call" was filmed with Dr. Jang, featuring a live demonstration of lip enhancement using new Juvederm with Lidocaine. Thank you to our lovely model Roberta, who was asked to try a lip plumper, lip-liner, and then lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Juvederm won hands down for "best results... and it was pain free!"

October 2009

• Dr. Jang participated as a Physician Examiner for the Medical Council of Canada.

September 2009

• World renowned expert in Sculptra, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, traveled from Los Angeles to host a Sculptra workshop with Dr. Jang. A number of facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists from across Western Canada attended the elegant Shagri-La hotel venue to learn more about this collagen stimulator which is generating much excitement as a global filler.

• Dr. Jang traveled to Calgary to work with Dr. Kent Remington on perfecting the Global Fill technique, which uses dermal fillers in a variety of areas to re-volumize the face to create a lifted, more contoured appearance. Refer to Page 1 for a before and after photo!

• Catherine Korman interviewed Dr. Jang for the November issue of Best Health Magazine. She spoke about skin changes in peri-menopausal and menopausal women, and the role of estrogen mimickers (such as soy) which potentially trigger oil and collagen production.

August 2009

• Dr. Jang was featured in Vancouver Magazine in an advertorial about the use of Restylane and other soft tissue fillers to restore facial volume.

July 2009

• Ann Kaplan's book, "Best Practices," draws on the experience of some of the world's most successful cosmetic doctors, and the expertise of the leading minds in cosmetic practices. Dr. Jang was extensively quoted in the book, noted for her long standing practice, management leadership, and embracing a positive work culture. Dr. Jang also shares her innovative ideas about successfully navigating through the cosmetic industry, and provides insight into the best practices she incorporates into Skinworks.

• Dr. Jang spoke with Dr. Rhonda Low on CTV News regarding the benefits of topical antioxidants, and introduced Revale Coffeeberry products for the reduction of fine lines and reversal of UV damage. Ask us if Coffeeberry is right for you!

• We hope you caught Dr. Jang talking about the DNA assessment kit on Shaw TV's Urban Rush with Fiona and Mike on July 20. This skin swab test indicates the degree of UV damage in your skin and determines the presence or absence of genetic markers that would increase susceptibility to skin cancers.

• Dr. Carr & Dr. Jang hosted the annual plastic surgery residents day at their Anvil Island cabin on July 18. A great time was had by all; the weather, company and food (chef Dino Renarts, Diva at the Met) were wonderful.

• Dr. Jang spoke with Michelle Villett from Elle Magazine about the causes of facial wrinkles (sun damage, loss of bone, muscle, and fat with normal aging), dynamic wrinkling, and menopause. She discussed the use of topical ingredients to help combat wrinkles (sunscreen, Retina A and retinol, peptides, antioxidants). In a second article, she discussed the emerging use of organic cosmeceuticals in anti-aging.

June 2009

• interviewed Dr. Jang about her rules for achieving radiant, healthy skin on your wedding day.

• In the spirit of teaching, Dr. Carr supervised senior plastic surgery resident, Dr. A. Seal perform cosmetic surgery cases in the OR at Skinworks. Dr. Jang also welcomed newly graduated dermatologist, Dr. Shannen Humphrey, who spent several days shadowing Dr. Jang at Skinworks to further her education in cosmetic dermatologic procedures.

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